How to deal with stress while studying

The three words; exams, assessments, deadlines are enough to make a student feel stressed. Some are capable of managing their stress while some students endup being depressed, ruining their education. If you are stressed over your studies, for the most part, you need to be aware of the purpose of your education.  Education is all about acquiring knowledge, skills,values, beliefs, and habits in order to make yourself massively improved. Simply the purpose of education is basically you. Education can be considered an investment for your future. So, do not consider education as a burden. Try to make education a ladder which helps you to reach your goals. Remember you need to educate yourself for your betterment. Let’s have a look on some facts which can help you to overcome the stress while studying.

● In order to enjoy studying without being stressed, it is important to choose a right career path you are interested in. It is important to select the subjects you need to learn in order to fulfill your dreams. Remember we feel less stressed when we do things we are passionate about.Thus you will be able to engage in studies without a stress. 

● Procrastination can be seen as a major cause for the stress. This may lead to the breakdown of once education. It will be wise to revise subject matters you learned within a day before the day ends. Stay updated with the previous lessons. Make sure that you do not procrastinate your studies. Do not wait until the last minute to study. This will induce law grades and poor mental health. Thus studying every day atleast three hours will make you stress free when the exams are near.

● Start working on your assignments on the very first date they are issued. Take your time and explore more information for perfect answers. Finishing the assignments before the deadline will motivate you for a stress free better learning.

● Maintain your digital wellbeing. Diminish the time you spend on social media as it provides a positive study sessions with less procrastination.  Social media is vastly distracting while studying. Many students find it hard to distract themselves from mobile phones. It will be favorable if you switch off your Mobile phones when you study. Try to keep the phone out of your reach till you finish studying. 

● Further it is important to take breaks while you are studying, as it affects your attention abilities in a positive way. Try to take 5-10 minutes to relax at the end of every 25 minutes you study.This will help to decrease the stress.If you come across with any doubt while studying, do not push yourself too hard to solve the doubt. Try to contact the relevant lecturer or a friend to clarify your doubts. If you are unable to contact them, just write down your confusions for later clarifications. Then try studying something else without making yourself stressed. 

● Besides, a power nap will help you to relieve stress while consolidating the human memory. Whenever you feel stressed over studies,  grab a quick sleep in order to refresh your mind.

● Peculiarly, there are some foods that can help you to reduce stress and anxiety. Unfortunately most of the students tend to have foods and drinks with high sugar and caffeine. Consuming foods like dark chocolates, sunflower seeds, pumpkins etcetera. will help to boost the brain power. Specially black tea and green tea has an amazing efficacy of relieving stress.

Do not let your stress  lead to depression or anxiety. Manage your stress before it affects your academic performances. Following the above tips may help to calm you stressed mindset. Be obsessive about your passions, not your distractions.

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