Impact of Research in day-to-day activities

Research is an essential part of any degree programme irrespective of the field of study you are part of. In a research, students will be able to analyze problems and find information related to the topic of interest to identify the purpose behind the study. But not many people like research because of the workload and effort required to complete and successfully defend your thesis.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why research is an essential component of our daily lives.

1.     Allows you to question and investigate deeply – A lot of us have all the technology and social media at our fingertips currently. For this to be made possible the main reason was the research and development over the years, a decade ago smartphones were hard to find while now majority of us have access to it. This was possible because of questions companies had over time trying to find solutions to make our lives easier.

Evolution of Mobile Phones – Gadgets Adviser
Evolution of Mobile Phones over the years

2.     Keep the mind busy and active -This might be something people do not see specially students but with a good research topic the curiosity is created in the head to learn and find information related to it. Something like finding gossip on social media, we look at the content and reason for it to be trending and dig deep to find more about it.

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Twitter is one of the active social medias with over a 500 million tweets per day

3.     Expands your thinking capacity and imagination – A good researcher will always think ideas which seem out of reach, most recently we saw the launch of SpaceX something which none of thought would happen but it did happen. Trying to improvise and think out of the box is something you gain from good research.

4.     Increases the interest towards reading and writing – Thesis is generally long summing up around 10000 words or more in general. To write so much knowledge is required so we begin to read and find ways to reproduce those words into our work. With increased reading and writing skills developed during the research you are getting a long-term solution to exercise your mind and sharpen skills.

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Thesis will sharpen your skills and generate innovative ideas

5.     Advancing the society with innovation – With increasing demands in the current world there’s always scope for research, from IT to science there is always something new being discovered on a daily basis around the world. These innovations lead to new discoveries which makes our daily needs easier.

Research might be something you love or hate in life, irrespective of how you treat research the outcomes you gain out of it is a long-term advancement in how you shape up your career and life decisions. Focusing and putting in more effort into research will not only help become successful but also creative in life.

“Research is creating new knowledge.” -Neil Armstrong

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