Innovation: UV-X (Ultraviolet Germicidal Robot)

In order to tackle the ongoing Coronavirus outburst, a scientific joint effort with up to date innovative ideas is fundamental. Consequently, Sachith Kasthuri, a student of the Institute of Engineering Technology, Katunayake with the team designed a remote control robot with the ability to disinfect the areas the virus prevails. The researchers conducted their first experiment on 07/04/2020, in an adjunctive laboratory at Wickramarachchi Hospital, Gampaha. As reported, the robot successfully eliminated viruses deadlier than COVID 19. Moreover, it is advantageous to use this innovation as this reduces 60% of the time, liquid disinfectants expend for the decontamination.

Additionally, the robot disinfects surfaces where we can not use liquid disinfectants. According to the researcher, this particular type of robots are being used worldwide in developed countries like China, and one individual robot costs around 3000 lakhs, yet this handiwork can be designed within a budget less than 10 lakhs. Professor D.L.Rathnayake, former head of the microbiology department, university of Kelaniya, proclaimed his validation on this masterwork which sterilizes using UV radiation.

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