Story of Rish Lanka

Dulanjana Vithanage, a student of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, is also an alumnus of Richmond College, Galle.

He was also in the first year when he signs up for a business of his own. They are also presenting an innovation that will take the local to the world. As an entrepreneur, he is constantly engaged in university education, creating a new industry based on jak, using new local resources, and combining local traditional and modern technology with constant research.

One of the specialties of this industry is that it is being researched to produce products that do not contain artificial pigments, flavors, and preservatives. Already, the University of Sri Jayewardenepura along with the Ministry of Industrial Development has taken the initiative to create new forests in jak forests, set up parks, laboratories and establish a Jack Development Board in Sri Lanka.

This is the story of the company that brought us his products.

The main institution of this discourse was to provide a proper answer to the environmental, economic, and social crisis by adding new industries to the history of Sri Lanka and adding new value to the fruitful fruits of Sri Lanka by combining traditional and modern technologies.

Gunukudahena is a beautiful village situated in the district of Galle which is very beautiful and beautiful. There is no shortage of food such as jackfruit, coconut, mango, oranges, and jackfruit.

About 90% of the fruit production in the village is wasted annually. In order to take advantage of this, the University of Sri Jayewardenepura commenced research and discovered new products based on jack fruit.

These investigations have enabled the Sri Lankan economy to release a large number of value-added products into the Sri Lankan economy, which has thus far been wasting away, thus generating an additional income of Rs.20000.

The company has already been able to create a number of new employment opportunities and will be able to take the initiative to introduce a Sri Lankan jackfruit culture to the existing culture of cutting down jack trees and selling them for immediate economic gain. It will also increase the population of Sri Lanka’s forests, thereby reducing many of Sri Lanka’s environmental problems.

Kos Posha is a proud and innovative product of Rish Lanka which has been successfully solving a number of challenges in Sri Lanka economically, environmentally, and socially.

Rish Lanka is a great example of the entrepreneurial potential of the Sri Lankan students, having been formed by the students of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

This will enable the establishment of a standardized industry based on jack fruit in Sri Lanka, which will provide the right solution to future Sri Lankan food, environmental, employment, and social problems and take Sri Lanka to the world. In this era of innovation and indigeneity, we can see the unveiling of the university entrepreneurs, especially the good tomorrow of all Sri Lankans.

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